A Simple Formula (2006)

Sound – All the angels in heaven are glad when there are some souls saved. (Luke 15:10)

And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude and the voice of many waters, and as the voice of thundering, saying “Hallelujah for the Lord omnipotent reigns”. (Revelations 19:6)

Soul – And the Lord formed man of the ground, and breathed through his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:7)

Thought – It is the spirit that quickens. The flesh profits nothing. These words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life. Piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and is the discerner of the thoughts and intent of every heart. (John 6:63)

Here we have the three major sub-topic that can find the soul – sound, soul, and thought. In disassembling the general make-up of the soul on earth, we thereby gather that these three sub-topics (soul, sound, thought) are important areas of living to maintain. Believing in your soul is not a option. You and I have tangible evidence of life in ourselves through the soul. The breathe of air we now draw through was initiated from the spirit of love, the Lord. He created you and me. he created us into a part and balance of the soul and the body. This has brought to existence soul vs spirit.

The soul from what we gather includes a body and soul along with win – the Lord’s breath. Now we recognize that our existence is somewhat parted of half-half. Acknowledging our being physical yet containing a soul. We are non-material beings in a bodily life instead of bodily beings in the non-material world. This explains our inability to be lightened, float or levitate without physical help.

The surrounding substance of this world on our make-up is physically weighted on the soul. Influence on the soul is quickly lost in the account of out of sight out of mind category because of a physical predominance. This is also where we can acknowledge that our thoughts rule a major part of our actions either spiritually or physically. Therefore we come to the next sub-topic of the soul on earth – thought.

There would not be a need to mention touch, taste, or smell, when gathering the general sub-topics of the soul on earth, because these three senses mentioned are more related to the physical half of our existence. Talking about the spiritual makeup, we thus know the mind is represented by thought. Thoughts influence our heart. The heart is the center of our soul – it is said. This point may be conjured with reasoning at the heart, lungs and wind working together with earth breath we take to preserve life. When wind is absent from our bodies completely for took long a time, our spirits congruently lose control of the physical because the lung and heart need a constant flow of wind.

The sense of hearing is represented in Sound. This sub-topic was included because of its potential in living. Sound is mentioned on behalf of its permanently invisible quality. This makes the sound a highly non-material sub-topic. The ear is a sensitive conductor of the unseen, and may also be a non-material stimulator for hearing from other unknown dimensions.

The effect of sound, through different kinds of music shows just how much impact sound has on the mind converted to thoughts. The unseen is the spirit world. Sound is a transporter o the unseen because sound itself remains invisible and thus 100% spiritual. The ear is the only natural receptor of sound. The sound excitingly travels on by with the wind.

Here again, we find the non-material make-up he agility with which the soul maintains wind. We know that wind is held in our soul by our lungs and hear. The Lord’s first breath of wind give to each new creature is continually renewed through the make-up of our existence. Sound is held by the wind to travel in the physical. We cannot see sound, but we can see the wind. Therefore, wind is more physical yet sound is more spiritual. We include sound because it remains a dependent on the independently unseen – the spiritual.

We here have constructed a very general make-up formula in relevant categories of the soul on earth. The spirit of truth, however governs anything that is natural. The scriptures have said we were made from the dust of the earth. (Genesis 3:19) We are from this world but are also part of another existence. We exist here as half so to speak. Our souls are made up of spirit, body and the Lord’s win. The Lord is the creator of all things. Hereby we naturally know all is manufactured firstly in the Lord’s factories of Heaven – nature’s mechanisms. The Lord places our lives together as they should be in the beginning from the very first breath. We have become the creature of living that we were destined to be according to the way we maintain our souls.

We live and breathe the soul. More often than not, we do not give our soul substantial truth and love. The soul is continually barred in a world where the physical dominates. Many times our starving spirits are desperate for substantial truth, and we end up developing heart trouble through the mind, depression, stress from too much lack of care. So a lack of faith in the word goes a long way. It’s just like a small bit of faith can quench a deserted soul. Faith in God is truth. At this moment obeying the Lord’s statement makes the healing look up, and just to understand that the doubt of today will be gone when we obey the Lord’s call through the gospels of the holy bible.

I pray you had a good time reading with us. If you are giving your soul daily feeding on the word, then you will be able to find the truth always. I invite you to continue reading with me.

Salvation Invitation:

If you would like to receive a blessing of salvation from Jesus, then please say this praying knowing that Jesus is welcoming you into his kingdom forevermore.

Dear Jesus,

You are the son of God who rose from the dead and freed me from the death of hell. You said that whoever believes on you will not die, but will surely live. I ask you to come into my life today and free me from the bondage of sin and heal me and have mercy on my life. In Jesus Name I pray,



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