A Balanced Perspective (2006)

All that is wondrous and perfect has been created by the Lord. Now I want to encourage you in your steps as you, now and again, think about your life, and you wonder how much progress you have really made. Maybe today you think that there is something lacking in your walk down life’s road. You maybe stop to wonder why some event do not seem to turn out the way you thought they would or should have. You tending to doubt you can make a vast change quickly needed to create the kind of life best for you and for others you love and care for every single day.

You can sometimes look at the different classes and stages of life and wonder if there is really something that can be done further to help the world to find it’s true balance. The balance of creation is perfect, yet the human balance is tilted. We can, now and then, wonder why this balance has never reached any higher or correct level. In fact, the balance of our mind connected with others is often tilted because our minds lack of rejoicing in Christ. In the Bible, it says, you were made in the Lord’s image. (Genesis 1:27) However, our minds are lacking the same balance with rejoicing and divinity that the Lord has made for each created being. You know that the will of God is greater than any other will there could ever be. Still, the Lord’s will is that each of us would learn to stay closest to him and that this is a true balance that means victory.

You some times look for the balance of human beings, as it seems to be different from any other. I do not mean to seem different using the word ‘human’. We are all human beings, and the balance of our mind is disciplined individually. The difference between me and you is obvious, and it is part of the equilibrium of our lives. You may know that the only way to find the Lord is to reach out of your own box of practical being and hang on to the name of Jesus. When you look at the world and try to figure and expose what truth is immediately out there, it is clearly seen that what truly counts are the mind and soul – human beings. The balance of creation is in Jesus’s likeness. However, we are different because this world was made for us to the caretakers of creation. We are the gardeners of this world.

There are balances that cannot be denied in the mechanism of this world. However, the balance of people seems to be left up to each of our opinions and choices. Our work in the world is so important in maintaining a living balance. Our balance may be judged by the effect of our self-action – our own acts of rejoicing, choices. The result of many of our decisions tend to affect each person in some way. Like a chain, our decisions leave with them an aftermath of whatever kind. As you can understand, the decisions you make throughout your day makes you out to be a caretaker of your own faith. You know that your fate is left up to the decisions you practice today. Your destiny is determined by your actions. There are times when you look out at the different stages of your life, and it seems that the effect of each decisions has caused you to be more set in your view of the future than uncertain. There are times when you cannot really understand your near future. When you look at the preliminary decisions made, you see that the results teach, instruct and foretell your future.

You some times look at the world, and you try to understand. How does one make the world a better place? What is the truth that can dissolve your selfish desires and change the world for the better? To create a rejoicing life, what can you achieve to make sure the joyousness of the world will equalize? How about those brothers and sisters in disruptive conditions or those who do not have enough or as much as others? You wonder what could you possibly do for those who are in difficult circumstances. You sometimes decide that nothing can be done. However, holding on to the faith of Christ helps you to see difficulties in the view that can increasingly amend the plight. If you are able to look at difficulties for what they really are – challenges of the evil spirits, then you will be saved. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:2) This is what the bible says. You can then wrestle in faith undefeated in the Lord.

Try to see difficult circumstances as a spiritual challenge instead of a physical one. You know all things begin with the soul and spirit. When you are able to see that difficulties are sent by the enemy of your soul because we are under the law of free choice in this earth, you can then understand the right mindset. This is the balance in perspective. Unfortunate children around the world, and people in our society who seem to need assistance bring the soul into the world. Learning to pray against spiritual enemies will cause you to see the truth in Jesus’s power through his changing those conditions by your faith in him. Your foe is full of evil. The enemy of the earth is in participation with the evil spirits who seek to destroy all that is created by God. The evil spirits seek to bestow disorder. Illnesses are equated from evil spirits.

If you would like to help, then do so by using prayer for the conditions that seem continuous and unending. Pray for that which seems to need help. Prayer is the best one can do for others. (Famous quote) That’s what the famous saying says. Take a look at the world around you, and then pray these predicaments to completion. Many learn to pray when going through difficult stages of this life. Do you think evil spirits gave way for them to quit? Yes, they did. However the lord is much more powerful than any other force. Look out at the world through the eyes of faith. Faith is found in the word. (Romans 10:17) The Holy Bible is the book to read. Look out of the window of faith to see your life through prayer. I learned to pray the enemy of faith away because even I can win this spiritual foe through the power of the lord. Jesus has the answers. I know, because now as you learn to pray things will change for you. You will receive a blessing. Thanks for reading with me. I invite you to see the world through the windows of faith and prayer and continue reading with me.

Salvation Invitation:

If you would like to receive a blessing of salvation from Jesus, then please say this praying knowing that Jesus is welcoming you into his kingdom forevermore.

Dear Jesus,

You are the son of God who rose from the dead and freed me from the death of hell. You said that whoever believes on you will not die, but will surely live. I ask you to come into my life today and free me from the bondage of sin and heal me and have mercy on my life. In Jesus Name I pray,



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