Jesus Rocks!

I started out in a small town called Claremont in Saint Ann, Jamaica. This town was pretty small, and it had lots of hills and bush. It was in the country in the northern central section of Jamaica. My father was a part-time missionary and handyman. He left us there to come to the USA to support us in the small town. My mother took us to the Apostolic church every Sunday, and I remember Sunday school.

I remember the importance of the word that was shared with us and the memory verses we had to study there for a competition in the class. I already knew most of the verses because my parents had joined an International missionary organization where we had songs about the verses, and so all I needed to do was remember the songs, but the references always got me. They still do, but I am fighting that battle with memorization ever still. The missionary organization has since registered as a cult because of some of the decisions that were made in the duration of the organization, but I remember the word of God more than that.

I recognized that Jesus is able to use everything that is given to him to turn it around to bring about a change in people. I remember both the cult and Sunday school, because it was the Holy Bible and the word that impressed me more than the actions of the people around me. The fires of adversity hasn’t changed my confession that I need the word of God, and recently the Lord has led me to read beyond the Holy Bible in the Pseudepigrapha by R. H. Charles (1855 -1931 and Archdeacon of the Westminster abbey). The lord is blessing those who fear him and acknowledge him all the time.

Jesus is a witness too in these last days. It was by a accident or as nothing is an accident, supernatural intervention, that I found and read the R. H. C’s translations. I wrote the word Jubilee in the mirror one day out of the blue, and I thought that’s a pretty name. So I researched the name. As I typed it into the search bar, I was researching the name Charles also. Both the name Jubilee and Charles is what I typed, and up came the Book of Jubilees by R. H. Charles. Jesus gave me a strong curiosity about the book, and I read it. I was flabbergasted at how much information was in that book, for it answered questions about Adam and Eve that I never even knew I had. The book of Jubilees answered questions that I didn’t even ask yet.

How amazing it is to find that Jesus is in fact witnessing today. It was his will that I should find R. H. C.’s translations and gain a thirst quencher before I got too thirsty. There was more to our faith on earth. Did you know that no one will see that things that Enoch has seen? It was in The books of Enoch that no one will. So a part of what is not seen maybe even in heaven can be confirmed on earth through the books of Enoch. For instance, the Books of Enoch say that the sun, our sun, has wheels and goes around on an axis. Guess what? Scientist have recently discovered that the sun is in fact moving. If they paid more attention, they would know that God has already said that in The translations.

These books are for today, when knowledge has increased and the world is frivolous. With books like R. H. C.’s translations we can go back to the beginning and confirm that in fact these signs and wonders have already been foretold. The angel came to Joachim and one to Anna professing that they would have a daughter and her name would be Mary. That same Mary saw the angel Gabriel who told her that she was going to be bless among every other woman who had ever lived. She was going to bear the son of God. The parts of the angels have been snuffed out by society so that they called these books false, but they were true. I believe. I invite you to read the translations by R. H. Charles, too. Enjoy.

Salvation Invitation:

If you would like to receive a blessing of salvation from Jesus, then please say this praying knowing that Jesus is welcoming you into his kingdom forevermore.

Dear Jesus,

You are the son of God who rose from the dead and freed me from the death of hell. You said that whoever believes on you will not die, but will surely live. I ask you to come into my life today and free me from the bondage of sin and heal me and have mercy on my life. In Jesus Name I pray,


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