Hi, I’m Rejoice.

I started this blog, because I was weighed with a mirage of spiritual weight, if I can say that. What I mean is that the Lord kept giving me blessings from the spirit to share. Here’s a list.

1.) The Lord asked me to change my name to Rejoice in 2004 while on a mission trip. It was in the morning, when I had waken up at 5am to say my prayers.

2.) The Lord gave me tongues of a different language when I was praying years later in 2006. A La Ha a bani. A la ha a bani. A lai a sani. (Truth to the nations. Truth to the nations. The time is at hand.) Habani inquitalai. A la sa minu na quitalai. (The Lord said, reap unto me my children)

3.) I discovered the Pseudepigrapha by R. H. Charles personally and read them. This was after another strategic event took place. I spontaneously wrote the word Jubilee in the mirror one day out of the blue. I was researching the words Jubilee and Charles, when I came upon The book of Jubilees by R. H. Charles.

4.) I have since read books such as The books of Adam and Eve, The book of Jubilees, Clement, Paul and Thecla, Barnabas, The books of Enoch, The books of Saint Mary, and many more that were left out of the bible. I have to say that satan really hates these books, because they are really true and filled with the gospel, although their introduction says they are false.

So you see, I am filled with blessing from the spirit and I just want to share all the center of my experience online and in person as much as I can. I hope you can understand and will share the joy of discovery with me online.


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