A Disciple’s Walk (2006)

All things change, but the Lord never does really change. As a matter of a fact, all the decisions that are carefully made with the Lord’s council through the Bible are going to be the best ones. Thank the Lord because as soon as you decide that you can do nothing without him, and there is no way that you can plan without him, so without him you just are not really going to be able to make it very far. Finding the Lord’s answers and following his will are the virtues that keep you on the paths to deliverance anyway even when you accidentally fall.

I thank the Lord for this path of meditation in the Lord that has thus turned into a path of learning. It is difficult to learn some lessons, but through truthfulness and closeness to the Lord somethings you can receive by faith. By faith even those conditions you are not prepared for furthermore the barriers that were not foreseen in your plans because you did not anticipate them, they become resolved. All these times of sudden change or unexpected trial are a challenge on the soul and mind. You can continue to find the Lord’s path if your desire is to discern the path or road prepared specifically for you. Tackling an uncertain path is just the same as taking an expeditious adventure. In this case, that trip is one of your own life according to your choosing.

Presently there are struggles, and they are like all the past mornings that have dawned in time. You cannot be certain what is on the horizon. Sometimes it is just not certain what will be. Look at the past and look at the struggles that have come and gone. It is then that an epiphany of awareness awakens your knowledge of how you got thus far. There will be an end to each battle that challenges right now. Because of this understanding, you know that time will change, as the Lord is still in control. The Lord is leading on, path by path, and the Lord is more than able to continue his protection.

Walk close to the Lord. This is the best path to walk. It is just pacing with the knowledge of God. Give your meditations to the Lord. Urge yourself to follow the Lord, and thus begin a chosen path of certainty that is like a resting in his will. Like all who want to follow God, it takes faith. To follow the Lord leads to perseverance, a determined outlook, and it leads to an up-look. Looking far or turning far from his will is saying you do not have faith. All is forgiven by the Lord, but we are expected to stay closest to him by obeying the scripture of his word. This means that the lord expects his disciples to be “faith-full”.

Consider yourself to be fortunate in the lord if you know the Lord. If you have nothing and are empty handed, yet with the Lord, nevertheless, you have everything needed to succeed. You can be whatever the Lord wants you to be. Now I cannot say what you are supposed to be because only he knows best. He is the master planner, and he knows what you should stand on. The paths we each travel by lead uniquely. They are prepared according to our usefulness to the Lord and the amount of obedience we give him. It is a struggle once again. Nevertheless, referring to the Lord brings the greatest fulfillment. The lord from time to time puts us in the limelight so that we learn to shine. The Psalms says, O Lord, thou has searched me and known me. (Psalms 139:1) If you give all to the Lord, then he is going to sustain you. If you keep going for him, he is going to reward you according to the feats and obedience you follow through with him.

I want to encourage you today. Obedience to the Lord is the most essential act that you could perceive. Thanks so much for learning this on my page, and you can read with me each morning.

Salvation Invitation:

If you would like to receive a blessing of salvation from Jesus, then please say this praying knowing that Jesus is welcoming you into his kingdom forevermore.

Dear Jesus,

You are the son of God who rose from the dead and freed me from the death of hell. You said that whoever believes on you will not die, but will surely live. I ask you to come into my life today and free me from the bondage of sin and heal me and have mercy on my life. In Jesus Name I pray,


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