The Children of God

Do you want to know where I found this title, the Children of God? I was listening to the Audible version of The Books of Adam and Eve, and this name is what Adam and Eve’s descendants were called. See after Cain slew Abel, his brother, in the fields, the Lord cursed Cain with trembling, but this didn’t stop Cain from building the first city with his twin sister Lullua. So there was Cain’s city, and there was Adam and Eve’s descendants on the mountain. The people who stayed on the mountain with Father Seth, Jared and Enoch, they were called the Children of God. They were sometimes referred to as God’s Angel by the Lord himself.

Adam and Eve suffered greatly in their descent from paradise. Do you know what? They committed suicide several times, but Jesus brought them back to life and cautioned them. Jesus said that they would have to wait until he appears on earth and saves the world before they would be able to return to paradise. Adam and Eve suffered from temptations with satan who would appear to them in apparitions and steal their obedience to Jesus. Doesn’t that sound like today? As for me it certainly sounds like that to me. I put myself in Eve’s shoes in times of temptation, and I said, O Lord, this is so satan tempting me here.

There are some times when satan can use cunning disguises to trick us. The bible says, so that even the very elect will be fooled. (Mathew 24:24) It is the last days that we live in, and I can tell you that Satan wants to continue to send humanity to suicide. Oh if those suicidal people had only believed in the Books of Adam and Eve, they would see that father Adam and mother Eve were also tempted like they were with suicidal thoughts. The enemy wants to take our health and mental stamina and call it false, but I say No. I want a blessing from Heaven.

The children of god stayed on the mountain of God and they prayed until they received blessings from God. That’s what they did for most of their days – receive blessings from God. This is what I do when Satan tempts me to give up on my faith. I ask God for a blessing. Once the Lord said, I gave you prophecy to keep you and it has. This made me feel blessed, because prophecy has kept me going. Once the Lord said, I have always been with you and blessed you. This also made me feel blessed. Then I realized that the blessing was worth it if it was coming from heaven.

I encourage you to follow the children of god or even follow me. Pray until you receive a blessing from God. Pray and ask the Lord to specifically bless you then and there, and just keep praying pouring out your heart to the Lord until you receive that memory, premonition, vision, or word in prophecy from heaven. Believe that the Lord has already bestowed on you the riches and power of heaven. Ask him to make it a fresh new blessing – one that is tailor made from that moment that you asked and prayed, and receive your blessing from God.

The children of God on the mountain of God, and I mean Father Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Seth and Father Adam and their obedient children lived on blessings from Jesus. That’s what I want to share with you. What the children of god did then, we can do now for today. We can live on God’s blessings through love for god and love for humanity and love for ourselves. In that order. I pray that you can feel how excited I am to write to you about the goodness of God in this life, and to tell you that’s life isn’t easy, but there is a blessing and not depression or suicide. Pray and ask for your blessing in that moment today.

Salvation Invitation:

If you would like to receive a blessing of salvation from Jesus, then please say this praying knowing that Jesus is welcoming you into his kingdom forevermore.

Dear Jesus,

You are the son of God who rose from the dead and freed me from the death of hell. You said that whoever believes on you will not die, but will surely live. I ask you to come into my life today and free me from the bondage of sin and heal me and have mercy on my life. In Jesus Name I pray,


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