Cliffs and Riffs (2006)

Now with a strong conviction here is an answer for the queries of your life. I prayed a prayer of faith once. With my entire mind, I gave the desires I had to the Lord and asked the Lord to do as his best and highest was for me. I left my worries and fears at the lord’s feet that day when I had nowhere else to go and receive power against the tossing of winds that hollowed. My pensive thoughts were all dissolved in prayer on the fires of my innermost thoughts to the Lord. I gave to the Lord what I could, and I trusted him as I left them there at his throne of grace. Then I went about the days as usual, but my testimony was less than the best.

Needless to say, I prayed this prayer for the lord to give me what he thought was best. The lord, he answered me, “According to the deeds of your choosing…” He said. “It will be for you.” I did not hear the lord say this particularly in my ear, but as I waited on the lord’s way I saw the answers that he gave in the aura they appeared. The tempest of trouble became my truest friend. As I learned to maneuver the tossing of the whirlwind of my fears, the lord gave me what I had prayed for. His truth for me became the trouble that I feared more than dying, more than living, and much more than anything else I had escaped before. So I was tested and instructed by the very mind of the lord. As of that day in stillness and plodding, I trust the lord in every stage wherever I am.

What I learned from the pedestal in my life where I placed my dearest wishes is that those pedestals must always be founded on the ways of the lord and never on the sand by the shores. What I want to give you in this passage is a small example of what is on the brink for anyone who is trusting the lord. If you are planning on climbing the mountain slopes of the lord’s best, be sure then to listen to the store clerk when he recommends the proper gear. Remember to hold on to the nearer blessings the lord gives you before you decide to go sailing on the seas of anywhere. If you want to make a difference, this can only happen in the lord’s time doing the lord’s bidding.

The word says, to obey is better than to sacrifice. (1Samuel 15:22) I am awake. I am alive, and the lord has set me free through the rouged territory of adversity. You do not have to worry that the life will pass you by if you are not deserting the calling wherewithal you are specifically called by the Lord. I am not going to worry about the future or the past nor an I going to worry anymore about where I am. What I fear is my pride. It is at the edge of cliffs throughout my life that I have encountered lasting truths to the queries that look like a continuous cycle. Through the lord’s grace, I was made well. I have endeared terrains reaching the summit. There at the cliff of accountability for my climb I am challenged to carry on.

This morning I want to tell you of the guiding beacon that calls through the events of any journey, road, path or whatever travel. You can be sure these words are true. The lord has better guarantees than any other. If you are able to know the lord better than any other, then you may not have to go through the same mistakes that I made. The purpose of my going through difficulties is to be able to tell others of the dangers that I have seen. When I have been weak, there I found that the lord was with me. Being with him, I was able to see through the immediate variances of the enemy. I saw what I needed to see, and the lord has his way according to his divine plan. This is the comfort of Christ that all things are best when the lord is planning them. When I prayed it was for the truth to be, and as I go for the paths that the lord has given I will pray the same prayer as before. That the lord’s way can be first.

I want to encourage your stepping the shores of time as you walk through the mirage of obstacles your foe tempts. Pray through faith. Get in faith. Plod with your very being fixed on the lord, because he is never failing. His mercies are true. I want to thank you so much for reading this morning. I know that you will be blessed by the Lord as you do decide to take the path of courage in prayers of total trust in the lord. Thanks so much for visiting. You are welcome to read with us each morning.

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