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More to be desired than gold

More to be desired than gold

Good morning, I would like to wish you a prayerful morning. This day is a new day to live in the gospel of hope and peace from faith in Christ Jesus. In the morning as the new day appears, I like to pray and receive a blessing from the Lord. You say, how do I know it is from the lord? Well, the word of God comes to me through the scriptures and through faith. After receiving the word, I measure it on the scriptures and the history of Christ even in the ancient books. You know the ancient books do not go against the message within the holy bible. That is a myth that people do not understand is a myth.

Yes, I received the name Rejoice, so long ago. In the morning after I have woken up to pray in the wee hours of the morning, I was getting ready for the day. It was like a quiet reassurance that took me and said, “Today your name will be Rejoice.” I cannot gauge that from the good book, but I look now at the way the word has led me to research the holy bible. It must have been from heaven, because once I started researching the word in the holy bible, I must rejoice. I was blessed to know the word has power in Jesus. I noticed that there is good rejoicing and bad rejoicing.

In the Old Testament, when the prophet rejoiced in the Holy Spirit, they were filled with the God of heaven. Now when the people or kings rejoiced in themselves, then the Lord came to them and gave them a message of doom. Nebuchadnezzar rejoiced at his own hands that had built Babylon, but God humbled him and turned him into a beast of the field. (Daniel 4:28-35) Belshazzar rejoiced against the Holy Cups from the temple of Israel, but the Lord humbled him and in fact took his kingdom from him. (Daniel 5) Written in the Holy Bible and ancient books, the importance of rejoicing in the Father, son and holy spirit is paramount.

I do not mean to sound rare, but this word Rejoice is fiery. I am still rejoicing myself over the discoveries that I have found in tracing this word. It is righteous and true to rejoice in good things, in fact, in holy things. To give oneself to God is the most humbling, yet fulfilling and fiery action of faith that could be written about life. Humbling because we live in a world where God is shut out of society. In the bible it says, They wondered about in sheepskin and goat skin being destitute upon the lands. (Hebrews 11:37) God’s prophets rejoiced in holy things although to the world they were crazy people. Yet they obeyed the call and miracles happened through their obedience and rejoicing in the one true God of Heaven.

This morning the Lord said, the judgment of the Lord is true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, Yea than much find gold, sweeter than the honey and honeycomb (Psalms 19:9 – 10.  Read and study the word of the Bible, even the words of the ancient books left out of the bible. These compliment each other. Books like the Book of Enoch engage the spirit into the soul, because they speak of times that we could not fathom. These books show the power of God in the world. We can know a bit more by reading the ancient gospels and the Holy Bible judging that God is faithful in all that he has done. Books of Adam and Eve show up Satan and his hiding in the world through suicide and trauma. The world is sick, but Christ Jesus has given us the medicine for that. Rejoice in these today. More to be desired are they than gold.

Salvation Prayer

If you haven’t yet started on your way to heaven’s gates in receiving Christ Jesus, Here is prayer you can pray. After searching the scriptures written in this note, you can be assured to say this prayer and receive Jesus as your personal Lord and savior.


I know you are the God of heaven who came and died for me. You can set my captive soul free and make me happy and loving. I ask you to enter into my heart today and free me from the past sins. Help me to receive your free gift of eternal life, and fill me with your holy spirit. Help me to read your words here and be filled with faith in you. I rejoice as much as I can in the Father, you Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus name,



Daniel 4: 28-35

Daniel 5

Hebrews 11:37

Psalms 19:9-10


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