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Book Club: The Super Gospel

Writing an introduction to this book for the book club is so exciting. This book has everything you need to know that isn’t written in the Holy Bible, and some also written in the Holy Bible. There are details that you never thought existed, but they do exists. You can find answers in this book and details from the ancient gospels are collected by the author Robert C. Ferrell. There are so many books on the shelf these days, but this one is a keeper to read through and through and to keep for the next generation who might not know they can read straight from the ancient gospels. This books is just like reading straight from the ancient gospels.

The author has organized the ancient gospel in chronological context, so you know the message is from the ancient gospels, but just put together by the dates of the fragments of the books. It’s a full gospel of Jesus’s birth and Mary’s birth also. It contains Jesus’s infancy, ministry and passion. So the book begins with Joachim and Anna, Mary’s parents. The author has systematically added a contents reference for every ancient book that is included in the timeline that he made with each ancient gospel inside the Super Gospel. In other words, each paragraph has an abbreviated reference to look up in the actual ancient gospel.

The title of this books is awesome, because it is truly a Super Gospel. Now I know that you may be tired of seeing religious books with picture of the savior on the front and the cross. They all seem proverbial, but this one was a winner. This book will answer questions that your soul has had, and some of those questions are ones you didn’t even know that you had. As the books beginnings and continues, you will find that the Lord is speaking to you through the direction that the book takes. If you want to hear the voice of the Lord, this books is a good one to read.

I believe the author fashioned this book for not only seasoned believers to read, but also for new believers to read. This is a fashionable encounter of the gospels of Jesus Christ. Do you remember Sunday school. I loved Sunday school. The stories about Jesus that were told in Sunday school by that charismatic teacher are all but forgotten if you haven’t kept up with your bible for a long time. Well, this books has all the details that charismatic Sunday school teacher didn’t have. Although they did their best with the stories, this book out beats that best and puts the truth into one big happy book to read.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon:


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