Book Club: The Super Gospel

Writing an introduction to this book for the book club is so exciting. This book has everything you need to know that isn’t written in the Holy Bible, and some also written in the Holy Bible. There are details that you never thought existed, but they do exists. You can find answers in this bookContinue reading “Book Club: The Super Gospel”


Healing, Luke 4 -5

Jesus went in his ministry preaching the gospel, but he more than spoke because he healed the sick. His ministry was to minister to the poor and people who needed his mercy for healing. Healing in Luke 4 – 5 Luke 4: 34-35 A man with an unclean demon cried: “Let us alone. What haveContinue reading “Healing, Luke 4 -5”

Rejoicings, Luke 1

Good Morning and thanks for reading here. I was reading Luke 1 in the Holy Bible. The Archangel Gabriel came to Zechariah in the temple to proclaim the birth of John the Baptist. Zechariah’s wife was Elizabeth. These two were both already seniors living in their old age, so it was humanly impossible for themContinue reading “Rejoicings, Luke 1”

Jesus Rocks!

I started out in a small town called Claremont in Saint Ann, Jamaica. This town was pretty small, and it had lots of hills and bush. It was in the country in the northern central section of Jamaica. My father was a part-time missionary and handyman. He left us there to come to the USAContinue reading “Jesus Rocks!”


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